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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

I was heading to O’Hare airport on Interstate 88 rolling eastbound in the left lane at about 10 PM when I came across a most interesting scene. I was in a little bit of a hurry there was a flight due in and the customer had carry-on luggage, so I did not want to be late. I came across what turned out to be a woman driver in a blue four-door sedan driving 60 miles an hour in the left lane. Now many of you would say she was speeding but the traffic behind her was driving in excess of 75 miles an hour, making her slow speed a danger to everyone around

Behind the woman, driving a gray unmarked Crown Victoria was district 15 state cop, and he wanted to get around her also. The traffic in the other lanes made that impossible and the woman continued to drive at a slow pace in the left lane. The trooper went as far as to turn on his lights, momentarily flashing her car with red and blue blinking lights, and she refused to move. Needless to say the trooper was none too happy why he did not pull her over was a mystery to me.

Finally the trooper found a gap on the right and passed her on the inside lane, now it was my turn I got behind her not having any room to get around like the trooper and wondering all the time how she could be lit up by a trooper and not move over it was beyond me. As I got in behind her and started flashing my lights on and off until she finally figured it out when she moved over and I passed her I looked at her and I saw a blank stare, which rather answered my questions and then again maybe not. As I left her in my mirror all I could think was if you want to commit suicide, she should do it somewhere else and not take anybody else with you because seriously anybody driving a car that slow on the major toll way must want to commit suicide.

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